If you choose waterproof flooring, you'll select a product with a core layer. This core is critical to the performance of your flooring as long as it's in place.

Once you know more about the materials, you'll understand their importance. So, here are some facts to get you started toward exceptional flooring choices.

Core layer makeup and construction

The core materials feature options like wood or stone plastic composite. And each one offers excellent protection and longevity.

There are no wood products used in the creation of these waterproof materials. But they do incorporate resins and byproducts that work to create the perfect wood composite flooring.

What's the big deal about the core layer?

Spills, moisture, and humidity can sometimes seep beneath your flooring surface. Without a waterproof core, this can cause swelling, warping, and mold growth, to name a few problems.

These core components never swell or react to liquids or dampness. And that means your floors will last longer, even when accidents happen.

How to choose the best core materials for your home

Since the core layer differs from material to material, you'll want to decide which is best for you. You might enjoy waterproof flooring with a rigid core material if you have subfloor imperfections.

Compare your list of requirements and preferences against the benefits you find here. You're sure to find excellent options for every need and much more.

We have the waterproof flooring  for you

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